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  • Tico Petrosian

    I’ve been taking my Nissan truck, Honda Accord, Jeeps, and motorcycles to Mike and his crew since they opened up. They are easy to deal with, stick to timeframes, priced right and they will work to make your vehicle safe and reliable. Mike does great work. His shop is clean, the waiting room is comfortable and most importantly he is honest. I will continue to take all my cars there. I have recommended several family members and friends and they are all repeats.

  • Pilar

    I’ve been taking my Hyundai to Mike and company up at Phillips Automotive since the day he opened shop. Mike’s extensive knowledge of Hyundais from his years working at dealerships allows me to get the same knowledge base I’d get at my dealership, only with the benefit of being able to take my cars to an honest, family-owned shop. Mike does excellent work and always gives it to you straight. I’m a woman who takes care of all the service and upkeep on my own car, and Mike never talks down to me or treats me like I can’t understand what is going on with my car because of my gender, which is a huge plus in my book, and hard to find at other shops or dealerships. And he always charges a reasonable price for the work he does. I will take my cars to him for years to come. Can’t beat this shop!

  • Tony J

    I have been taking a variety of vehicles to Mike and his staff for a few years. You can count on Phillips Automotive to provide you with a thorough analysis and follow through with a clearly defined approach and honest price. Mike has been the only mechanic to tell me when I do not need a repair. He has built a trusting relationship that is difficult to find with the many shops available to the public. I will continue to recommend Phillips Automotive as a favor to family members and friends. Thanks Mike and keep up the great work.

  • Joe Schmidt

    My wife and I both drive Nissans- and typically have had them dealer maintained South on Rt. 202. On my last visit to the dealer (2011) I had a very bad experience with the Pathfinder- Long story- but they charged over 1k for repairs and did not fix the problem. In fact they damaged the car and suggested I take it to a welder to complete the repair at my expense. I was beside myself in dropped jaw disbelief- I was their loyal client for many years- and couldn’t believe what they were telling me. I was referred to Mike Phillips- and am so glad to have found him. Mike told me what they did wrong and suggested a quick fix that still holds. Mike, Stacy and the Gang have since done lots of work on our cars and we have happily sent friends/family their way.
    If you are looking for an honest, quick, pleasent and thorough shop, give Mike a chance. Their rates are reasonable and it is our pleasure to recommend Phillips Automotive!

  • Qiming Chen

    My wife and live in Collegeville. We have two Toyota Camry. Close to our house there are several garages. However, whenever our cars have problems or need annual inspection, we would rather drive more than 30 miles to Phillips Automotive than to garages close to our home. I trust Mike and his technicians. They are knowledgeable and experienced. Most importantly, they are honest.
    Two examples:
    1. Three years ago, my 2004 Camry was 90,000 miles old. I had never had its transmission oil changed. I wanted to do it. So I went to several garages, but nobody wanted to do because they were afraid that changing transmission oil at so high mileage would damage the car. I was referred to Mike. Mike told me that he could do it and explained why. Now my 2004 Camry reached to 150,000 miles. I am still driving it.
    2. Every year we need state inspection. It is good time for garages to make money. A lot garages will ask customers to do unnecessary services. But Mike never do it. He always tells me what I really need for my car.
    I trust Mike. These days it is very difficult to find a mechanical man like Mike.

  • Beth McKeown

    we were referred to Mike by a friend a few years ago when our engine died suddenly on our Ford Taurus. The difference between Mike and our previous mechanics was immediately apparent. Mike took his time with our car and gave us many options to choose from. He explains things simply and thoroughly so you can really understand what is going on before you make your decision. I always appreciate his honesty, above all, but his strong work ethic, high standards and quality service are icing on the cake. We are really so glad we have found Mike to be our mechanic!

  • Jack Steer

    I have been going to Phillips since Mike started
    his business at the Trestle Bridge location. I needed a timing belt, and water
    pump installed in my 2001 Honda civic, Mike was referred by a friend so I gave
    him a call requesting a price for the job. After pricing the job from several
    other shops I decided to go with Phillips Automotive. Just talking on the
    phone with Mike gave me that easing feeling that Mike was very knowledgeable,
    and treated me like a friend. Well, the job was completed on time, done right,
    and no other added expenses. Mike and his team is the go – to place for all
    of the cars in our family , and with 4 cars (2) of which has over 100k and (1)
    with over 250k it is good to know that you are getting excellent service,
    reasonably priced from someone who takes the time to listen and is sincere when
    it comes to his customers. In my book it is all about relationship, and Phillips
    Automotive is a business that I trust. Whatever your needs are from having a
    simple oil change to rebuilding the motor Phillips Automotive can handle the

  • Daniel Homa

    I have been taking my cars to Phillips Automotive repair for as long as they’ve been open. I tried taking my cars to other local shops and dealers, but they do not even come close to Phillips Auto. They are a family based business and their customer service, friendliness, and most importantly honesty reflects that. Mike and his staff will tell you exactly what is going on with your vehicle, and they will do what’s in their power to keep your vehicle on the road, or to get it back on the road. I recommend Phillips Auto to all of my friends and family. With their expertise and knowledge of a large variety of makes/modles I know I will continue to take my cars to Phillips Auto.

  • Justin Schreiber

    When I find an HONEST and KNOWLEDGEABLE repair shop I like to stick with them. My wife and I put a lot of miles on our cars and most of the time with our two young daughters in the car, so safety and reliability are important to us. Mike and Kalelor take care of them with no problem. And when the time comes for custom work to be done on my classic cars they’ll go to Phillips. Plus it’s a locally owned business so my moneys not going to some faceless chain shop thats owned by a company in China.

  • Brian D’Amico

    I have been taking my cars to Phillips Automotive for years. When I look for a full service shop I expect integrity, knowledge, value, service and convenience. In the past 20 years I have been unsuccessful to find a shop that delivers -until now. I have had Datsuns, Nissans, Vettes, Vipers, Mustangs, SUVs and many other cars. Mike and the staff have always been able to accommodate me – whether it is a basic repair, performance upgrade or custom work. Phillips Automotive has always exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank them enough for helping out when I’ve had an emergency. I have referred friends and family with great success. I would highly recommend Phillips Automotive for ANY repair, service, upgrade or anything related to cars. Thanks, Mike and Stacy !

  • Scott Dietrich

    Mike was reccomended by a coworker who worked with Mike. I’m a car guy who generally does most repairs myself. I generally hate taking my car to a shop where I feel I know more than the mechanic. Mike has done nothing but impress me with his technical knowledge, honesty, and workmanship.

    You won’t find a better combination of repair knowledge, affordability, and customer service

  • Bob Razzano

    I worked with Mike prior to him going out on his own. I not only bring all my vehicles to his shop I referred my family members to him. We travel over one hour to get to his shop. Everyone at the shop have experience, work hard and are honest. Not only do they work on just about everything on wheels they can also repair/weld/fabricate anything made of metal. So my advice to anyone who wants a good job done at a fair price check out Phillip’s Automotive and Performance LLC. Bob & Diana

  • Doug Lamb

    I was originally referred to Mike several years ago as beingsomeone who thought “out of the box” in diagnosing and fixing problems. He quickly fixed a problem with my car whichhad caused me fits. After that, since he’s also diesel qualified, I began taking my work truck to him. He’s always been respectful of the fact that
    I’m “out of business” while the truck is in the shop, in most instances, he’s worked late into the night to get mytruck back on the road for the next work-day.

    He’s also sniffed out and fixed some extremely complicated electrical
    problems which most likely would have sent the truck to the scrap heap under
    the heading of “Lemon”. With all the above said, the best part about
    Mike is his combination of honesty, impressive knowledge base and friendly
    courteous staff.

  • Philip van Asselt

    Thanks Mike,

    I wanted to reach out and say thanks for the wonderful service.

    My Porsche Boxster is handling like new, now that the rear shocks have been replaced.
    For anyone considering using Philip’s – its a no-brainer. Mike’s pricing is more than half of the dealer – using the same OEM parts! What does that say for the integrity of the dealership.
    I will be the first to suggest Philip’s, and will be bringing my other car there for its future service needs.


  • Monica

    I just brought my car in for an AC check. Pep Boys had said it was the Compressor and that I needed to change it and gave me a $1,200 quote. My brother in law recommended I bring the car to Phillips Automotive and I couldn’t be happier. They found what the real issue was and fixed it right away. They were quick, efficient and gave me the true story about what my car really needed. Their new location is great, nice waiting room with toys for kids. It’s quiet and clean and people are friendly. I highly recommend it!

  • Chrissie Phillips Segal

    Honest and reliable are how I would describe Phillips Automotive. I’ve taken my car here multiple times and have always been very happy. They do great work. They are a family based business and truly appreciate all of their customers–I always feel very welcome here. I highly recommend.

  • Kyle Lloyd Craig

    One of the most trustworthy automotive shops I have been too. Mike and the guys have tons of knowledge. They treat you as if you are a family member looking for some advice and help. Great quality work and it will be fixed right the first time.

  • Eric

    Mike and his team are by far the best in the business. They go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right the first time. Mike has never tried to sell me on anything that is not necessary, and is always upfront and honest. Having someone who you trust take care of your cars is invaluable- Mike is highly recommended!

  • Heather Singer

    My car is my lifeline and when it is out of commission it’s like one of the family is sick.

    Mike and Stacey Phillips run a rock solid independent automotive shop. They are a friendly, highly dependable, NO BULL, full service operation.
    Their mechanics are extremely passionate about their work. They possess superior knowledge, maintain meticulous care, and are consistently trustworthy.
    Appearance is everything when seeking a reliable maintenance and repair shop. The shop is clean & well organized.
    All of the above has led to their success! I highly recommend you pay them a visit. Piece of mind with your mechanic is hard to find these days.
    Lastly, I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and I will continue to support the Phillips family and their growing business for years to come!

    So thankful I found you.

    - Heather Singer

  • Ralph Joseph Zito

    I found out about Phillips 4 years ago when I was looking for regular maintenance needs. During that time, I’ve used Phillips exclusively and been very satisfied. Mike is extremely knowledgeable. He believes in finding the root cause of the issue. Following diagnosis of the issue, he will patiently explain it in terms the owner can easily understand. When possible, he presents cost-effective options. All the folks in the shop have a love of cars that shows in the quality of the work. That’s why I remain a customer, even though I have moved from the area!

  • Andrew Louden

    Phillips Automotive is a well run business. Anytime I require maintenance or repairs for my vehicles Phillips Automotive has been professional, quick, and honest. It’s difficult in this day and age to find a business run with honesty, integrity, and respect. Phillips Automotive certainly takes these to heart. There are no pricing games with Phillips Automotive. They clearly explain the issue and tell you the all in costs immediately. I have never felt the typical dealership nonsense where pricing games are being played for any and all repairs. I recommend all family and friends to take their vehicles to Phillips Automotive, which is a well respected locally run business.

  • Brian Culp

    My Wife took her SUV there to have an issue with her Driver’s side Suspension. Turns out the whole joint was screwed. Phillip’s Automotive replaced everything, and fixed the problem. Quoted my Wife $800.00 My Wife shows up the next day to pay the bill, but now the bill has jumped to over $1,000?!!! And the owner said that the Passenger side “would not pass inspection so we went ahead and replaced it as well.” My Wife, who was astonished, asked why nobody called her to tell her about the passenger side being an issue. The Owner’s only excuse was “I was out of the office at the time, so they just went ahead and did the work.” So we are supposed to go on Her word? Never offered to show my Wife the other “Damaged” parts. No pictures of these parts. Nothing. Just $300.00 more or I’m not giving you your keys?!! The Owner FORCED MY WIFE INTO A PAYMENT PLAN TO PAY FOR WORK THAT WE DID NOT AUTHORIZE, NOR CAN WE PROVE NEEDED TO BE DONE BECAUSE THE PARTS HAVE BEEN DISPOSED OF BY NOW, snd it’s the Word of this Business owner, A Woman who Took Advantage of another Woman BTW, and My Wife. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GARBAGE!!